Street art in Cagliari, Sardinia

A note from RJ: Here’s guest post from Lance Rothstein, who found some great street art in Cagliari, Sardinia…

I do a lot of traveling and I’m usually underwhelmed by the amount of street art I encounter. But that was certainly not the case in the city of Cagliari. It is the capital city on the island of Sardinia off the west coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. From the moment I stepped out of the bus station I was bombarded with imagery of all kinds. Tags and stickers and sculptures and collages and plenty of creative paint around every corner. – I don’t want to give the impression that it was the finest quality work I’ve ever seen, but the quantity was definitely impressive and I thought I’d share…  I’m not purporting to be presenting the best or the brightest of the artists working in this city, just what I happened upon during a quick 2-day trip with my wife…

There were many fine whale pieces by “CRISA.”

Several of these cute “blindfolded” characters.

A simple but effective piece by MANUINVISIBLE.

This massive & impressive piece I wish I’d seen in the daylight, by someone I should probably know.

Here are several other intriguing works:

MOT8 seen here.

But by far, the most prolific images were by an artist who often wrote “s.i.i felice” beside his ghostly figures which seemed to follow us around the city and even to the beach at Poetto.

So if you find yourself in the area, I recommend a visit. I’m sure there are many other treasures to be found in Cagliari.

I’ve posted a few of my other finds in this temporary gallery for those interested:

Photos by Lance Rothstein