Deciduous Lampposts by luzinterruptus

luzinterruptus‘ latest action,¬†Deciduous Lampposts, has brought autumn to Madrid. Here’s what¬†luzinterruptus have to say about it…

As every year, we wanted to pay our personal tribute to the autumn that has gone by, because we love this season, which fills the streets with dry leaves covering the cold asphalt in wonderful orange tones.

But there are streets in Madrid to which, unfortunately, autumn never arrives, they are deprived, with only perrenial leaves, which makes strolling in them like entering into an area with no climatic or seasonal references.

In these harsh gray streets  we wanted to carry out our installation Deciduous Lampposts.

For this reason we went to the Parque del Oeste, where we collected 5 sacks full of beautiful dry leaves, which we transported to the city center, specifically to Calle Flor Alta, recently renovated and in which there remains no sign of trees and other adjacent streets, where nature is represented by a few tiny, unidentied trees.

There we put the leaves under the streetlamps, as if they were resistant trunks, tall and erect, under which there is never shade, nor can the green freshness of vegetation on hot days be enjoyed.

It was a joy to see that, despite the late hours and autumn cold, some of the people who had stopped to observe the spectacle of leaves under the lampposts, decided to stay a while, to enjoy the curious scene.


Photos by Gustavo Sanabria