Weekend link-o-rama

Unknown artist in Berlin
Unknown artist in Berlin

Caroline and I are headed to Chicago today. We’ll have a few days to explore, so any suggestions are appreciated. Here’s your links:

  • El Toro, Dave The Chimp, Invader, Flying Fortress, Mr. Penfold and others sent in stickers and other small artworks to This must be for you, who put all the work together into little folders and lift them as free gifts around London. Giving out free gifts unexpectedly to random people with no expectation of anything in return, sounds like fun to me (although of course very similar to Papergirl). Check out the video here.
  • I love this intervention by Plastic Jesus. He went into Best Buy stores in LA and left them with some special new products.
  • TrustoCorp put up a sign in Bushwick last week.
  • Luzinterruptus put up this fantastic sculptural intervention in Madrid in response to accusations of corruption and money laundering in the Spanish government.
  • Anyone know who did this? It’s so cute.

Photo by pareto8020

Merry Christmas and happy new year from Luzinterruptus


I am loving this piece by Luzinterruptus, a little Christmas gift for the citizens of Madrid. Here’s what they have to say about their latest intervention…

This Christmas, we asked Santa Claus to fix some things that are wrong with our city for us, a seemingly endless list that keeps on growing as the crisis becomes more serious and politicians reveal their worst intentions to us.

Santa told us that he couldn’t perform miracles, that is the jurisdiction of another union, but that he would work on our behalf so that one of our petitions would be granted.

Therefore, after Christmas day, the surveillance cameras in the center of Madrid were covered with illuminated hats that prevented them from recording what was happening before them.

Madrid is a city, in which, despite the existing rules, in practice, there is no real control over the monitoring devices installed on its streets and the citizens don’t have the possibility of accessing the record of what these cameras record 24 hours a day in the places where they are situated.

In 2007 it was suggested that there were more than 20.000 cameras looking out for our safety, but today, there are no devices capable of controlling those who control us, and while politicians don’t care about that they record and use images of common citizens, it seems that they have many drawbacks in that “they record and disseminate images of security agents in the exercise of their functions… if you put their person or the operation on which they are working at risk…”.

The action Merry Christmas to those who watch us took place on the night of December 26th and to carry it out, we used 20 cameras installed in the center of Madrid, mainly those that monitor the streets, other located on public buildings and some on private property.

We hope that our anonymous friends behind the cameras, appreciated the warm flashes of Christmas light which we presented them with on their surveillance monitors.



Photos by Luzinterruptus

Deciduous Lampposts by luzinterruptus

luzinterruptus‘ latest action, Deciduous Lampposts, has brought autumn to Madrid. Here’s what luzinterruptus have to say about it…

As every year, we wanted to pay our personal tribute to the autumn that has gone by, because we love this season, which fills the streets with dry leaves covering the cold asphalt in wonderful orange tones.

But there are streets in Madrid to which, unfortunately, autumn never arrives, they are deprived, with only perrenial leaves, which makes strolling in them like entering into an area with no climatic or seasonal references.

In these harsh gray streets  we wanted to carry out our installation Deciduous Lampposts.

For this reason we went to the Parque del Oeste, where we collected 5 sacks full of beautiful dry leaves, which we transported to the city center, specifically to Calle Flor Alta, recently renovated and in which there remains no sign of trees and other adjacent streets, where nature is represented by a few tiny, unidentied trees.

There we put the leaves under the streetlamps, as if they were resistant trunks, tall and erect, under which there is never shade, nor can the green freshness of vegetation on hot days be enjoyed.

It was a joy to see that, despite the late hours and autumn cold, some of the people who had stopped to observe the spectacle of leaves under the lampposts, decided to stay a while, to enjoy the curious scene.


Photos by Gustavo Sanabria