Freedom Tunnel reboot

The outside of the tunnel

It seems that portions of The Freedom Tunnel were recently buffed, including some of Freedom’s murals. Maybe this has something to do with our recent interview with Chris Pape aka Freedom reminding people about this graffiti treasure trove… More than likely though, it had to do with the New York Times article about Freedom and his work in the tunnel. Not all of Freedom’s work was painted over, but some was. I’m not sure how much work was painted over by other artists. Luckily, people are already back in and repainting the tunnel with fresh artwork, including Gaia. Here are some recent photos of the tunnel by Dan Solomon:

Some work by Freedom survived, alongside Dart, Maven and others

Part 1 of Gaia's work "Robert Moses and the hand that creates and destroys," painted over buffed Freedom pieces. Robert Moses is the man responsible for the tunnel being built
Part 2 of Gaia's work "Robert Moses and the hand that creates and destroys."

PS, NewYorkStreetArt also took a trip to the tunnel and has plenty more shots.

Photos by Dan Solomon