This week: Boxi at Lazarides

Boxi looks to be the latest artist to join the roster at Lazarides Gallery. Time Of The Signs is his solo show open at Laz’ Rathbone Place locationĀ from this Friday. Ever since seeing Logan Hicks’ stencil work at Black Rat Projects a little over three years ago, I’ve been a fan of the hyperrealistic stenciling that artists like Hicks and Boxi use. It seems strange to have Boxi at Lazarides though. I like his work, but it’s much more meditative and calm and just less loud/pop than what Lazarides seems to be about. Now I’m curious if we’ll see anything completely new and out of the box from Boxi, something that fits more with what I’d expect at Lazarides. Sorry to ramble on a bit, but this show seems to me equal parts confusing and exciting. It opens on Friday and runs through September 1st.