Don’t Panic and Channel 4’s design competition

The UK’s Don’t Panic and Channel 4 have teamed up for a design competition celebrating Channel 4’s Street Summer, a summer line up of street culture related shows, including the UK TV premiere of Exit Through the Gift Shop and a documentary about Robbo, a graffiti writer at war with Banksy. Don’t Panic is asking for artists and designers to submit ideas to this website, which will then be voted on by the public and judged by guest artist judges like Faunagrafic. There will be 7 winning designs, one from each region of the UK. Each of those designs will then be rendered by the guest artist from the winning designer’s region and put up for two weeks outdoors. In addition, and for me this is the highlight, the winning designs will be featured in one of Don’t Panic’s trademark posters. In the past, artists like Eine and Banksy have done posters for Don’t Panic. Winners also get £300, their work on a postcard to be put in Don’t Panic pack and to be featured in a short film.

I don’t usually post about design competitions, but Don’t Panic packs and the posters inside are quintessentially London, so this opportunity for young artists and designers immediately caught my eye. Plus, I can’t wait to see how Channel 4’s film about Robbo comes out.

You can enter the competition and get more details here. Hurry though if you are looking to enter because voting begins on July 4th and the competition closes on the 17th. Also on that page, each of the regional artist judges have made a video about their local scene as well as what they are looking for in this competition.