Black Socks ask “What’s Art in the Street?”

In reference to the Art in the Streets show on now at MOCA in LA, the Black Socks movement sent out the above image with the following statement:

1_ Art in the streets isn’t domestication of artists
…it’s freedom for artists.

2_ Art in the streets isn’t people manipulation…
…it’s an approach to people.

3_ Art in the streets isn’t city decoration…’s a reflection about cities.

4_ Art in the streets isn’t governments advertising…
…it’s a criticism about how governments are doing.

5_Art in the streets isn’t market speculation…
…it’s free, for all the people!

6_Art in the streets isn’t art on museums, nor art on galleries, nor Street Art…
…it’s just art in the streets.

It’s false that Street Art has turned street into a museum…
Street Art has turned street into an amusement park!

Sugar free cities!

Certainly an idealistic view of street art, but there’s definitely something to be said for being an idealist. It’s certainly more fun that being a realist!

Photo by Black Socks

  • Dark Soldier

    It might sound more fun being an idealist, but it’s actually profoundly depressing, because reality never lives up to your ideals.

    Having said that, I agree with what this group are saying in their communiqué. But if they smashed that bench up then that’s a pretty weak action that makes the city even more alienating than it already is for ordinary people. If they want to smash something up to critique the system they’d be better off choosing a bank or luxury store instead.

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  • Gaia Streetart

    speaking with the same authority as the institution isn’t the best way of approaching the issue

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