D*Face in LA

A little bit late on this show, but it is impossible to forget about it all together. “Going Nowhere Fast” opened last week at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. The highly anticipated solo show by British street artist D*Face debuted a lot of brand new work, and with the gallery space, it is no wonder there was so much to see.

Showing everything from screenprints, sculpture, readymades, taxidermy and spray paint, D*Face really outdid himself with the array and quality of what was shown. While not every piece is everyone’s cup of tea, there is definitely something for everyone. Moving further away from his patented logo character, this show places this type of art in an indoor setting, which is a change that is quickly occurring with street artists as they separate their outdoor and indoor work.

What I find most interesting about “Going Nowhere Fast” is the amount of publicity the show received before it even opened. Whether it acted as a comeback show for D*Face’s career, a reintroduction of a new direction of work or a debut in the west coast markets, the show is not just another gallery opening. That’s for sure. Plus with Art in the Streets opening this weekend, it is no surprise that the surrounding area galleries are putting on grandiose shows like this while the street art market descends on Los Angeles.

Staying true to his outdoor routes, D*Face created this mural (in similar fashion to the paintings for sale) outside the gallery.


Photos by butterfly except mural photo by futuradosmil