Bound By The Ties – A new book by Know Hope

Next week, Know Hope will be launching his latest book in Tel Aviv. Bound By The Ties is a 160-page full-color book from one of my favorite young street artists. Know Hope’s work really tugs at the heart strings, and I think that the impact of his art is strongest when seen en-masse, so a book like this seems like a perfect way to view his art.

Know Hope describes the book as “a collection of drawings, writings, photographs and other side-seen moments, some from the recent past, and some from very close to the present” and “a folk tale of some sort, collective memories compiled like a time-capsule, or fireworks in a jar.”

For those in Tel Aviv next Thursday, there will be a launch event where you can be among the first to see the book. You can find more info on Know Hope’s flickr. That launch will include a display of all of the original drawings and texts used in the book.

Bound By The Ties is printed in an edition of 1000. There is also a special edition of 75 which each have unique handmade covers.

On Friday March 11th, the day after the book launch event, Bound By The Ties will be available online.

Photo courtesy of Know Hope