Printmaking Today and Roa at Black Rat Projects

This Thursday, Black Rat Projects has their first show of 2011. Pritmaking Today is their annual group print show. There’s a long list of some talented artists with work in the show, including Swoon, Know Hope and Matt Small. There will be new prints from Swoon, Candice Tripp and Matt Small. There’s also something from Hirst, but that should be easy enough to ignore. We’ve got a couple photos of Swoon working on her print:

In addition to the prints, there’s also an installation from Roa. His installation is part of a new project space/artist residency project at Black Rat Projects.

Roa at Factory Fresh last year. Photo by C-Monster

And all this opens on this Thursday night at Black Rat Projects in London.

Photos by C-Monster and courtesy of Black Rat Projects