Retna in NYC: Hallelujah World Tour

Wow. Somehow I could have sworn I posted about this show a few days back and now I’m looking through the site and I can’t find it. Sorry everyone! Well, better late than never.

Retna has a solo show opening in NYC next week. The Hallelujah World Tour is being put together by Valmorbida, the same people who catapulted Richard Hambleton from obscurity into the homes of people like Georgio Armani. I’m in New York right now, but I wish I could have planned my short trip here around this. It won’t be one to miss. As far as I can tell, no word yet on how long the show will be up for. Here’s a preview video which sort of sets the mood for the show:

RETNA: Hallelujah World Tour from viejas del mercado on Vimeo.