Above in Brisbane

Just got this note from Above. This is one of my favorite pieces from him in a while…

I just returned this morning from being in the flood ravished city of Brisbane, Australia. With the international attention around the floods I decided to immediately fly from Sydney to Brisbane to make this site specific stencil.  Unfortunately I had another stencil that Friday night I got arrested for right in the middle of painting! oughf!  I spent 10 hours in jail, had a court appearance and got a decent fine so this piece is the only 1 I can submit and offer for you. I tried my best not to make fun at this drastic and horrific situation but instead to empathize and portray just how serious and large the scale of these floods had been with the relative depiction of “NOAH’s” ark being sunk due to the floods.

Photo by Above

  • Hans Belting

    This guy is so freeking literal he makes my head burn.
    Could it be anymore obvious! I’ve heard he’s a nice guy but jeez.
    This is primary school shit.

  • I don’t think it’s the deepest or most complex artwork of all time, but I think there’s value in that simplicity sometimes, particularly outside when reactions often have to come quickly.

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