EVEREMAN is for everyone

If you live in the city of Atlanta you might have run into an EVEREMAN piece at some point, or maybe you found a little EVEREMAN wooden magnet on the street for you to take. I know I have. The first time I found one of his pieces was on my bike stuck to the frame.

EVEREMAN is a wood craftsman, who likes country music, hobo history, trains and gifting! Every EVEREMAN piece is for you to take, whether it is a flat square EVEREMAN magnet, big or small, an EVEREMAN cube, or an EVEREMAN tile attached to a rock. If you find it and if you like it, then it’s yours! “4 U ATL” , carved on the back of all of his pieces, if how he lets you know his art is a gift for you.

Back in the day he was throwing steel poles at billboards.

Nowadays he hangs his art up high.

or puts his art right in front of your face for you to find,

and sometimes he makes giant cubes to decorate parks.

Here’s an EVEREMAN studio tour- the first of 12 videos project I am working with STREETELA:

EVEREMAN – Streetela from Streetela on Vimeo.