Neuzz for Living Walls

Photo by Bonham Johnson

Neuzz was the latest artist to visit Atlanta for Living Walls Concepts. Here are a few shots of Neuzz and the wall, and a video by Dustin Chambers and Wil Hughes documenting the progress of the mural.

Photo by Wil Hughes
Photo by Wil Hughes

Next up for Living Walls Concepts: Evereman.

Photos by Wil Hughes and Bonham Johnson

Mobile street projection around Atlanta

When I was in Atlanta last August, it was nearly impossible to go more than a couple of hours without finding something by Evereman. A lot of his artwork is done in the form of magnets so that people can take the art home with them, but he also has a projector that he puts in his car so that he can drive around town projecting the Evereman symbol. Last month, Evereman teamed up with interactive video projection artist Pablo Gneccco and self-described hacker Dan Moore on a mobile projecting event. Here’s what they got up to:

STREET PROJECTIONS from YoPablo on Vimeo.

Thank you Atlanta/Living Walls

Drew Tyndell, Ben Niznik and Derek Bruno

Over the last week or so, there have been a lot fewer posts on Vandalog than usual. Two reasons for that: This week I’ve been spending time with my family and relaxing, but last week it was because I was in Atlanta for the second annual Living Walls Conference. It was a crazy few days, resulting in some beautiful new murals for Atlanta (like these from Gaia, Nanook and Escif). I’ll be posting more of those murals over the next few days.

For now, I’d like to focus on a massive thank you to all of the volunteers, organizers, artists, speakers and sponsors at Living Walls. In particular, all the volunteers who spent their own money on gas to practically act as personal drivers to all of us without a means of transportation. And while there’s a long list of sponsors, here’s a little shout out to those that I had the pleasure of connecting with: Sam Flax South, Eyedrum, Dodekapus, Atlanta Beltline, Streetela, The Goat Farm, MOCAGA and The Sound Table. The artists and speakers at Living Walls are some of the most talented around, but they are also some of the most fun. So thank you to everyone involved in Living Walls on any level for all the hard work. It was an honor to be invited to speak, and I hope to return again next year.

Evereman projecting onto Jaz at The Sound Table

Photos by Drew Tyndell and Evereman

Atlanta in Berlin


The perennially positive and southern homie Ola bad, whose smiles glint like the sun, just sent me these nice works he put up in Berlin for his people back in Atlanta. Ola bad explains the rest:

I was recently blessed to have a trip to Berlin for a group Exhibition at Retramp Gallery as a part of a 48 hour festival in the neighborhood of Neukölln. I got this exhibition from the owner seeing the dreamcatcher project on vandalog which was kinda crazy. I was toying around with the idea of being an “international artist” and how meaningless it is. There are people who put up way more awesome work more frequently than i do so i decided that i was going to take my city with me. I called pretty much every street artist in atlanta and started collecting work so everyone could be an “international artist” Here are the results.

The artists included are Ola bad, Paper Twins, Scatterbrained, Evereman and Sherman. Summer is here and Living Walls is approaching! I’ll see you guys in a couple months! more photos after the jump.

Ola bad

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EVEREMAN is for everyone

If you live in the city of Atlanta you might have run into an EVEREMAN piece at some point, or maybe you found a little EVEREMAN wooden magnet on the street for you to take. I know I have. The first time I found one of his pieces was on my bike stuck to the frame.

EVEREMAN is a wood craftsman, who likes country music, hobo history, trains and gifting! Every EVEREMAN piece is for you to take, whether it is a flat square EVEREMAN magnet, big or small, an EVEREMAN cube, or an EVEREMAN tile attached to a rock. If you find it and if you like it, then it’s yours! “4 U ATL” , carved on the back of all of his pieces, if how he lets you know his art is a gift for you.

Back in the day he was throwing steel poles at billboards.

Nowadays he hangs his art up high.

or puts his art right in front of your face for you to find,

and sometimes he makes giant cubes to decorate parks.

Here’s an EVEREMAN studio tour- the first of 12 videos project I am working with STREETELA:

EVEREMAN – Streetela from Streetela on Vimeo.