Banksy on Exit Through The Gift Shop

The film blog All These Wonderful Things has an interview up with Banksy about Exit Through The Gift Shop. Despite the usual unbelievable claims like “I paint my own pictures” and “I’m not clever enough to have invented Mr. Brainwash” (Okay so maybe that’s half true, but I’m sorry there’s no way Banksy and Shepard just let that show happen with no involvement, as seems to be shown in the film), this is definitely one of less jokey and comparatively transparent Banksy interviews out there.

Here’s what I found to be the most out-of-character and insightful comment:

I think its pretty clear that film is the pre-eminent art form of our age. If Michaelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today they’d be making Avatar, not painting a chapel. Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.

Also, this is pretty much sums up the film for me:

If we’ve done our job properly with EXIT, then the best part of the entire movie is the conversation in the car park afterwards.

Check out the interview on All These Wonderful Things.

On a related note, the film recently made the Oscar short list for the best documentary feature film nominations. I’m not sure Exit deserves the win, but it would be interesting if it did or was even nominated.

Photo by jvoves