The Vhils book – Selected Works 2005-2010

Vhils aka Alexandre Farto had a book full of his best artwork published this fall. I was sent a copy a couple of weeks ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it since. I remember the first time I saw Vhils’ art. Probably the same as most of his fans, I was blown away by what he did at Cans Festival back in 2008. At the time, I knew almost nothing about street art, but I could tell that Vhils was doing something very different and powerful. I’ve been a fan ever since, even if I’ve occasionally been critical of him. When I heard that Vhils was putting together a book, I knew I’d have to add it to my collection.

Vhils hasn’t disappointed. At over 150 pages, Selected Works 2005-2010 includes almost all of my favorite pieces indoors and outdoors from Vhils, and many that I didn’t know existed. Vhils’ art is definitely best experienced outdoors, but to see all of his walls in the flesh would mean traveling around the globe from Moscow to Italy to California and other spots in between, so a book will have to do. Thankfully, this book is really well printed. While Selected Works 2005-2010 isn’t likely to be of interest to people who aren’t already fans of Vhils, for fans like me, it’s a great overview and reminder of why we follow Vhils’ work.

You can buy Vhils’ Selected Works 2005-2010 online for €19.90 or €29.90 for a signed version.

Photo by Ian Cox