Street art and graffiti in Toronto

GroundedTV has a great series of photographs from a recent visit to Toronto. Sometimes it feels like certain cities (New York, London, San Fransisco…) have multiple people who are obsessively photographing and documenting the street art and graffiti while other cities with plenty of street art don’t get nearly that much attention. There’s some great art in these photos, but I hadn’t seen any of it before. Although maybe I just wasn’t looking for it. Either way, it says something about a flaw that seems apparent in much of the street art community. I was speaking to somebody at Haverford recently about street art in Atalanta. He told me that there is a significant street art scene there, but I’d only ever connected street art and Atlanta after the Living Walls Conference, which consisted mostly of artists from outside of Atlanta painting there.

If you live in a city or town that has a street art scene that isn’t getting much attention, let me know by email or by commenting on this post. I’d love to see some art from the many cities that I haven’t spent enough time learning about.

Photo by GroundedTV