Bumblebee’s First Solo Show

Things have been busy the past few weeks here at Carmichael Gallery – Seth and I have been prepping for Moniker / our trip to London, I’ve been finishing off the next issue of tasj (more about that soon) and Bumblebee has turned one of our back rooms into a full-on studio in preparation for his first solo show, which opens this Saturday at Beyond Eden!

If you live in LA, I hope you can make it to the show. There will be lots of new canvases, mixed media pieces and a big installation on display. He’s worked really hard for it, and it shows. It’s some of his best work yet.

Unurth posted one of Bumblebee’s most recent street pieces, “I’m Not Supposed To Bee Here”, last week; you can see it here.  He also did a cool piece last night called “Sleepwalking”, which you can see on tasj.

– Elisa

Photos by Bumblebee