M-city show in Paris

Unfortunately I didn’t hear about this show until after the opening, so I couldn’t give any Parisians reading a heads up about that, but M-City’s show Urban Jungle at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris is still on through October 30th. Pretty much looks like what you’d expect from M-City: crazy stenciled industrial landscapes cut and painted with technical skills that so many stencil artists somehow seem to lack.

I remember the first time I saw M-City’s work: there was a giant M-City piece at the original Cans Festival, but it was in the area where anybody with a stencil could paint (I did, and if they let me in, you know they were looking for quantity of artists, not quality). There were a lot of crap amateurs like me and my friends painting that spot, and then there was M-City (and also Hush). I couldn’t understand why M-City was in that part of the festival, and it made me worry that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be painting there. M-City was no amateur.

Photos courtesy of Galerie Itinerrance