Bom.K solo show in Paris this week

Work in progress

Galerie Itinerrance in Paris has a solo show of Bom.K‘s work opening tonight. Sorry for the short notice. Bom.K is one of my favorite painters of twisted imagery, and you can’t deny his skill with a spraycan. Of course, he is also a founder of the all-around impressive DMV crew. Vertiges & Somnolence opens tonight (Wednesday) at 6pm and runs through June 1st. It looks like Bom.K has been painting some huge canvases for this show. It should definitely be worth checking out. Here’s a little preview:

Le Magicien Ose Street Alergia 1

Les Murs ont des Yeux

Vandal Monster

Photos courtesy of SUBEN

INTI in Paris

Chilean artist INTI finished his latest mural in Paris, titled “Our utopia is their future.” This work is 47 meters high and is part of a collaborative effort by Galerie Itinerrance that is turning Paris in to an outdoor gallery.

Photos courtesy of INTI

M-city show in Paris

Unfortunately I didn’t hear about this show until after the opening, so I couldn’t give any Parisians reading a heads up about that, but M-City’s show Urban Jungle at Galerie Itinerrance in Paris is still on through October 30th. Pretty much looks like what you’d expect from M-City: crazy stenciled industrial landscapes cut and painted with technical skills that so many stencil artists somehow seem to lack.

I remember the first time I saw M-City’s work: there was a giant M-City piece at the original Cans Festival, but it was in the area where anybody with a stencil could paint (I did, and if they let me in, you know they were looking for quantity of artists, not quality). There were a lot of crap amateurs like me and my friends painting that spot, and then there was M-City (and also Hush). I couldn’t understand why M-City was in that part of the festival, and it made me worry that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be painting there. M-City was no amateur.

Photos courtesy of Galerie Itinerrance