Now available on the Faile webstore…

The Faile webstore was updated this week with a number of new items.

The latest version of their Bronze Bunny sculpture is a “deep cherry patina.” It’s the third in a series of 5 different colorways for this sculpture in bronze, each editions of 10. The sculptures are available online for $4,000 each.

The special “artist editions” of their new book have already sold out at $250 each for a few different screenprinted covers (editions of 50 each), but there’s always eBay. A signed version of the standard printing of the book is also still available for $69.

The Brave and Strong print is available in two colorways. The above version is an edition of 24 and is available for $2,000. There is also a one-off orange and blue print available for $7,500.

Sorry if this reads like an infomercial. I know a lot of people have said that Faile’s pricing is out of whack, but hey, the work sells and that’s a sign of something. Maybe it’s a just a bit unnerving for some people to see something available on an artist’s website for $7,500 like it’s a one-click purchase from Amazon. Personally, I think it shows some balls from Faile that they are trying to break out of the gallery system (both from the angle of artists doing the work of galleries and the way that they have eliminated the politics of “waiting lists” and the rest of the weirdness that comes with galleries). Anyways, I think Faile are making some nice pictures.

Photos courtesy of Faile