War Of Words Zine September 2010

War Of Words from War Of Words on Vimeo.

WOW is a graffiti crew founded in Utrecht in 1989 who started spray-painting Dutch trains with their work. Their colorful, large and detailed pieces, the likes of which had never been seen before in The Netherlands, made an incredible visual impact. Having only ever previously been published in black and white  the latest issue of WOW is now printed in full color.

War Of Words collects 20 years of urban graffiti from this ground-breaking group in a full-color limited-edition book to celebrate their 21st anniversary. Just 1500 copies of War of Words have been printed. 325 copies will be available for sale at The American Book Center and a handful of other exclusive points around the world. After reserving a few copies for themselves, the group burned every single remaining copy of War of Words from their print run. You can see them go up in flames in the video above.

Check out some sneak peek photos below!

WOW can be purchased here

Photos courtesy of Hurt You Bad