Dibujar Mata Violente from Bom.K, Dran and Sowat


So after posting about Da Mental Vaporz’ kickass recent wall in London, I found out that part of the crew makes up the three-man show Dibujar Mata Violente at Ras Gallery in Barcelona. Bom.K, Dran and Sowat make up nearly half of DMV and (at least to my knowledge) are the more active members of the crew when it comes to painting indoors (but my knowledge of that is pretty limited to what has been shown in the UK, so feel free to correct me) Update: Thanks to people who know more about DMV than me, I’ve been informed that there are 9 artists in the crew and that they all have both outdoor an indoor practices, so I was right to worry that I might be misinforming people. Sorry for any confusion. This is definitely something to check out.


Photos courtesy of Suben