EVOL and Judith Supine at Jonathan LeVine

Somewhere in Kreuzberg by EVOL

Jonathan LeVine Gallery‘s annual summer group exhibition is on right now, and there are a few noteworthy pieces that I just had to share.

EVOL is one of the artists really pushing forward the use of multi-layered stencils, and he doesn’t get enough credit for it. His cityscapes on cardboard are something special. And, unlike a few other artists who depict the urban environment and attempt to achieve something nearing photo-realism with stencils, EVOL’s style doesn’t look like a ripoff of Logan Hicks.

Simple Solutions by EVOL

And then there are the new paintings by Judith Supine. Like his painting at Shred, these two paintings seem to have that glossier-than-a-sheet-of-glass look. Personally, I think it’s great. Other people don’t like it. But I’m pretty confident that the super-glossy look makes theses paintings look even better. As usual, Supine has made something beautiful, mesmerizing and disturbing.

The Lives of Lee Miller by Judith Supine
X-ray Eyes by Judith Supine

Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s summer group show runs through August 21st.