VNA Issue 12 launches next week

Very Nearly Almost issue number 12 is launching next week at the Pure Evil Gallery in London. This issue of VNA features M-City, Buff Monster, Mr. Jago and more. Oh and then there’s the cover: Roa. I did the interview with Roa, but I think the most interesting part of that feature is going to be the photos. I haven’t seen the finished version yet, but it’s going to be something a bit different. I won’t spoil what makes that bird on the cover so unique, but you may be able to figure it out for yourself with some clever googling.

At the launch party, you’ll be able to buy a special edition of VNA with a screenprinted cover. Plus Mr. Jago will be there doing some painting. So make sure to stop by Pure Evil Gallery on Thursday the 12th from 6-9pm and let me know what you think.