Everyone’s talking about Phlegm

I’m a bit slow posting about these pieces by Phlegm, a Sheffield-based artist whom I had not heard of until about a day ago. One day shouldn’t be too long of a delay, but Phlegm’s work is spreading through the internet with lightening speed.

RomanyWG, one of the UK’s top street art and graffiti photographers, has only just posted a few pictures on his flickr of Phlegm’s murals. Of course, because Phlegm is a talented artist that not many people have heard of, Unurth was the first blog to post RomanyWG’s photos. Unurth always seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes finding talented and relatively unknown artists from around the world. Not long after that, Jake posted about Phlegm over at Streetsy.

And now it’s my turn. So, if you haven’t already, have a look at this guy. Phlegm is, at the very least, pretty technically talented, and you can be sure that if he were based in New York or London, this wouldn’t be the first time you’d have seen his paintings.

Photos by RomanyWG