Printing Process Workshops Presented by High Roller Society

High Roller Society will be offering free workshops over the next three weekends in monoprinting, linocutting, and screenprinting. In conjunction with their latest show “Press and Release,” these workshops will be open to the public and will teach you in depth techniques from featured artists in the exhibit. The following descriptions are taken directly from the site to explain each workshop.

Monoprint: Saturday, 10 July 3-6pm
Monoprint (or monotype) is often thought of as “the painter’s printmaking”, referring to the painterly qualities that this printing technique can achieve.  Invented by Castiglione, monotype “served to break down boundaries between painting, printmaking and drawing”. Using thick layers of water-based printing ink, Perspex sheets, and ear buds, all are invited to drop by while artists Martin Payne and Martin Lea Brown get their hands dirty.  Anyone is free to join in and experiment with this easy and versatile printing method that has captivated great masters such as Picasso, Degas and Gauguin.

Linocut: Saturday, 24 July 3-6pm
Relief printing is one of the simplest and oldest forms of printmaking, for which the linocut is attributed.  Known for revealing a more raw look, linocutting requires a range of rudimentary-looking tools, such as U-shaped and V-shaped gouges, to carve images into linoleum sheets. Join us as several artists from our current exhibition demonstrate various techniques in linoleum mark-making. THEN, try your hand at inking and printing the linoleum plates of artists such as Nylon, Cyclops, Sweet Toof and more….  This is an opportunity to get a hand-on approach to printing the works of these acclaimed artists yourself, and a chance to get a bargain in the process.

Screenprint: Saturday, 17 July, 3-6pm
Grandchild of the age-old stencil, screenprinting has been gaining both popularity and speed in the contemporary art world of today.  With visual effects aplenty, a steady arm is the main ingredient for achieving the best results.  Come test your upper body strength, and create ironical wearable graffiti paraphernalia with Miss Aida of Neon-Inc and Brag Clothing.  Printing the likes of Kid Acne, Sickboy, and the entire Burning Candy crew, Aida has quickly become a master screen-printer-to-the-stars.  Pop over to see how its done– Roll up your sleeves, learn the tricks of the trade, feed the creative revolution, and rejoin the world in DIY style.

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Photo by High Roller Society