New Book: Anthony Lister and Other

I really do love art books, and not just because they look pretty on my shelves, but they are usually the only artist works I can actually afford to purchase. First up, is Aussie Anthony Lister, whose book release is the thirteenth installment of publisher Macmillan’s “Mini Art Series.”  With gallery shows popping up left and right internationally from one of my favorite artists, Lister’s latest release comes out a perfect time. To buy it visit Metro Gallery

Photo via Metro Gallery

On a different note, the other new release this month is from Canadian graffiti artist Other.  Experimenting with wheat pasting, photography, and collage, Other put together an incredible collection of his best work in one of the prettiest bound covers I have ever seen. To purchase, visit Anteism. To see a video flipbook preview visit Senses Lost.

Photo via Anteism