Armsrock in Egypt

Armsrock was in Cairo, Egypt recently for a Streets of Cairo festival. Naturally, he did some work outside, mostly more events in his continuing series of projecting drawings onto city walls.

Armsrock also put up at least one wheatpaste in Cairo. With permission, he pasted one image of an Egyptian man outside of Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery:

But by the next day, Egyptian police had seen the artwork and decided that they didn’t like it. The police painted the figure white:

Armsrock’s reaction? Not what you might have expected:

When I interact with the streets I want something to happen, some sort of situation should occur, and it always does. I have only never experienced such a direct form of censorship before, and expressed in such an interesting manner, and that was what I thought was a good thing.

You can read more about what Armsrock thought of the censorship at The Daily News Egypt and his blog.

Photos by Armsrock