Dale Grimshaw at Signal Gallery

Dale Grimshaw’s latest solo show at Signal Gallery, Arcana, opens on Thursday. Should be interesting to see what Dale’s new work looks like. The painting in the show’s flier looks pretty intense and is a departure from the things that I have seen from Dale in the past. I just wish he’d do some prints of his lino-blocks. Those always look nice and Dale knows the importance of placement.

Press release:

Dale Grimshaw’s third solo show at Signal Gallery promises to be his most powerful yet. Since bursting onto the urban art scene two years ago with his stunning first solo show at Signal, ‘Echoes and Exorcisms’, Dale’s career has gone from strength to strength. His works have been much sought after by international collectors and he shown in a number of prestigious group shows as far afield as Philadelphia, Berlin, Paris and Bristol.

Dale’s new solo show, ‘Arcana’, will be something of a new departure for him. Dale found his expressive style through the exploration of strong emotions; some of these relating to his own troubled childhood and teenage years. This exploration took visual form in a large number of highly stylized self-portraits and portraits. His very well-received self-portraits, ‘Exorcism’ and ‘Heart In Darkness’ show an artist brave enough to expose his inner demons in a startling and disturbing way.

In ‘Arcana’ Grimshaw is using the imagery of the Tarot to inspire a series of works with a similarly raw demonstrative edge. Moving away from self-discovery the artist is using this ancient and mysterious imagery to present universal states of mind. Taking a number of cards from the pack, he has created a modern, very personal interpretation of their symbolism. Each card has a very distinct atmosphere and many demonstrate more complex compositions than we have seen recently from the artist. Nevertheless, they still retain that same emotional candour that made Grimshaw’s work stand out from the crowd and communicate so strongly to a wide audience. “Arcana’ will be proof enough to convict this artist of the crime of being one of the most promising painters of his generation.