RAE brings “Nocturnal Trips” across the Atlantic to London’s Signal Gallery


It was great to see RAE included in RJ’s list of 10 Street Artists to Watch in 2013 published over at Complex, as I’ve been a huge fan of RAE since his folksy, endearing characters first started surfacing on the streets of NYC. Here’s a bit of a preview of what the folks in London will get to see beginning tomorrow — Thursday — evening over at Signal Gallery:

Rae at Signal



Photos courtesy of RAE

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1010 and Other aka Troy Lovegates

Had about 4 days away from a computer and it’s taken me nearly as long to catch up on emails. This post should help to finish that task. Here’s what I missed while I was away:

Photo by Other

C215 and RomanyWG together at Signal Gallery

This Thursday, C215 and the photography RomanyWG have a two-man show opening in London at Signal Gallery called Border Line. My review of C215’s last show at Signal sparked a bit of discussion. From the photos that he’s posted on his flickr of work in this show, I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more. And I’ve been a fan of RomanyWG’s photos for a long time. This show will double as a book launch for his book about art in abandoned spaces, Out of Sight.

Both RomanyWG and C215 will be there on Thursday signing books (C215 will be signing his latest book, Community Service).

Photo by RomanyWG

Signal Gallery – Beyond Punk

This is sort of a different show for Signal Gallery. Beyond Punk will consist of artwork by punk musicians (plus Jamie Reid, Shepard Fairey and Dale Grimshaw). Personally, I’m most looking forward to Jamie Reid, Gee Vaucher and Shepard Fairey. Oh and I’m curious to see what Steve Ignorant comes up with. Crass were some of the early UK stencil artists, and they used their albums to help promote the making of political stencils, but (if I’m not mistaken) Gee and Steve weren’t as involved in making stencils as some of their other band mates.

Beyond Punk opens August 12th at Signal Gallery in London (yes the flier says it opens on the 13th, but the private view is on the 12th).

Dale Grimshaw at Signal Gallery

Dale Grimshaw’s latest solo show at Signal Gallery, Arcana, opens on Thursday. Should be interesting to see what Dale’s new work looks like. The painting in the show’s flier looks pretty intense and is a departure from the things that I have seen from Dale in the past. I just wish he’d do some prints of his lino-blocks. Those always look nice and Dale knows the importance of placement.

Press release:

Dale Grimshaw’s third solo show at Signal Gallery promises to be his most powerful yet. Since bursting onto the urban art scene two years ago with his stunning first solo show at Signal, ‘Echoes and Exorcisms’, Dale’s career has gone from strength to strength. His works have been much sought after by international collectors and he shown in a number of prestigious group shows as far afield as Philadelphia, Berlin, Paris and Bristol.

Dale’s new solo show, ‘Arcana’, will be something of a new departure for him. Dale found his expressive style through the exploration of strong emotions; some of these relating to his own troubled childhood and teenage years. This exploration took visual form in a large number of highly stylized self-portraits and portraits. His very well-received self-portraits, ‘Exorcism’ and ‘Heart In Darkness’ show an artist brave enough to expose his inner demons in a startling and disturbing way.

In ‘Arcana’ Grimshaw is using the imagery of the Tarot to inspire a series of works with a similarly raw demonstrative edge. Moving away from self-discovery the artist is using this ancient and mysterious imagery to present universal states of mind. Taking a number of cards from the pack, he has created a modern, very personal interpretation of their symbolism. Each card has a very distinct atmosphere and many demonstrate more complex compositions than we have seen recently from the artist. Nevertheless, they still retain that same emotional candour that made Grimshaw’s work stand out from the crowd and communicate so strongly to a wide audience. “Arcana’ will be proof enough to convict this artist of the crime of being one of the most promising painters of his generation.

Case solo show: Never odd or even

As previewed, Case has a solo show opening next month here in London. Here’s the press release:

Signal Gallery in association with Campbarbossa, are pleased to announce the forthcoming solo show by the renowned German artist Andreas Von Chrzanowski AKA Case. Following on from successful solo shows in Los Angeles and his homeland, his first London show will be an exciting event. As well as producing works for the gallery, Case will be painting a number of large street pieces across East London.

19th February – 6th March 2010
Opening Reception: 18th February 18:00 – 20:30
Signal Gallery
96a Curtain Road

Case has been producing spectacular street pieces for a decade, primarily as a founder member of the celebrated German street art group, the Maclaim Crew. Specialising in a heightened form of photorealism, several of the artists in the Clan have moved onto working individually and producing fine art works for the Gallery. Case has taken this route too, to great acclaim. Developing the pioneering photorealist spray paint style of the group further in his own works, Case has produced a series of stunning detailed paintings that have made his work much sought after by galleries and collectors alike. In his solo show at Signal Gallery, ‘Never Odd Or Even’, Case is taking his inspiration from the fantastical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass…

Check out more photos on the Montana website.

Andreas von Chrzanowski / case is “Never odd or eveN”

Andreas von Chrzanowski / case is not only part of Ma’Claim, one of the world’s greatest crews – his fine art is some of the best being created today. Andreas has a show coming up at Signal Gallery (in conjunction with Campbarbossa) on February 18th called Never odd or eveN. Here’s a quick preview of what has gone on behind-the-scenes to create each immaculately spray painted artwork.

I must have a thousand amazing photos so will post more soon! If you’re in London next month, make sure to head on over to Signal to see it all in person.

– Elisa