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Hahaha, I thought I’d only have to post one thing abut Exit Through The Gift Shop today. Of course, as soon as the journalists who were at the press screening got back to their desks, news about the film and the screenings started popping up all over the web.

Esquire Magazine has the most interesting article so far:

This morning, Esquire was invited to a preview screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop, the new documentary by Banksy. It took place in a temporary cinema the street artist has built in some dank railway arches next to Waterloo train station. As you would expect from him, both the site and the movie were surprising, entertaining and just a little unsettling.

The cinema, nicknamed “The Lambeth Palace” and sold as “London’s darkest and dirtiest new cinema” (with an exception made for “Cineworld Edmonton”), is a 150-seater auditorium at the end of a series of gloomy bare-brick caverns, in which typical Banksy interventions have been placed: a cardboard Queen and Prince Phillip opening ceremonial velvet curtains to reveal a spray-painted Anarchy “A”, a bonfire of Old Master paintings going up in fabric flames, hamster cages of animatronic hot dogs, and a bar in the form of a grungy ice cream van…

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Esquire also says that the film will be screening twice daily there until March 1st. I’m seeing the film later this week, so I’ll post a review in a few days.

Rodrico has some photos from the event, where they have painted a red carpet on the road and made a sort of mini-exhibition…

More photos here.

All photos by Rodrico

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