Vote for The Art Street Journal to win some cash

The next issue of The Art Street Journal, Elisa Carmichael’s free art newspaper, is on it’s way to thousands of people around the world. You can sign up to get your own copy mailed to your home on TASJ’s website. Issue 7 features everything you see on the cover plus much more including Roa and Stormie Mills.

Those who already read TASJ know what a great project it is, but just because the journal is free to subscribers doesn’t mean it’s free to write, print and post… That’s why TASJ is asking for your help in winning a $50,000 grant from Pepsi. All you have to do is vote.

Here’s some more info:

The Art Street Journal (tasj) is a monthly art publication focused on talented, young, emerging artists who are gaining momentum in galleries, participating in public events and completing personal projects of note. Our goal is to support and publicize their endeavors to as many people as possible. We do this by attending and covering shows, events, art fairs, auctions, interviewing artists and collectives, and reviewing publications and films for those who want to gain further knowledge. tasj is different from other art publications because it is free. People can sign up for a free annual subscription. We mail copies to anyone anywhere in the world. We also do not compromise our content by accepting money from galleries or artists to place them in the paper. The art people read about is the art we believe is important and makes a difference. Deliverables: 20,000 copies of a 20 page full color art journal every month delivered around the world for the next six months.

How will the 50K be Used?

$18,000 – Printing 20,000 copies of 20 page full-color tabloid-style newspaper
$30,000 – Monthly distribution and postage for 20,000 copies
$2000 – Miscellaneous office expenses and production costs

So if you think that sound like a good project (I do), just vote for it online. It only takes a few seconds.