TAKI 183 goes to auction

I hate to do this, but every once in a while, I have to be a bit negative on Vandalog. The above painting is by graffiti legend Taki 183. It is an original painting and measures 140x140cm. How much do you think that is worth? And keep in mind that on Taki’s own website, you can buy screenprints that include a large spraypainted “Taki 183” tag for $250.

That painting is in an upcoming graffiti art auction at Pierre Bergé & Associés. The estimate is €35-50,000. That is absurd, laughable even. I’ll admit that unlike Taki 183’s screenprints (one of which I own and love by the way), this painting is actually aesthetically pleasing, but that doesn’t excuse this outrageous estimate. Even though that’s just an estimated price, it’s also a suggestion and gives potential buyers a general idea of what somebody else thinks the piece is worth. The estimate is especially relevant since Taki 183’s original works have never been sold publicly before. If this painting ends up selling, well, kudos to Taki 183 and the auction house, and if they buyer would like to contact me, well I’ve got a few Mr. Brainwash pieces to sell (okay if Mr. Brainwash turns out to be Banksy or something, boy I am going to have egg on my face)… But I can’t see it selling for anywhere near that estimate.

Now, to end this post on a positive note, let me say that if you don’t have a Taki 183 screenprint, it’s definitely something worth checking out. That prints are pretty affordable, and they are undoubtedly pieces of graffiti history.