Os Gêmeos at Galleria Patricia Armocida

I was in Milan on Monday night for the opening of “Nos Braços de um Anjo,” Os Gêmeos’ solo show at Galleria Patricia Armocida. The gallery was packed with a who’s who of the street/low-brow/graffiti art world. It felt like every other person there was massively important and respected for some reason or another. And, of course, the twins did not disappoint. Brazil’s most important street artists (or perhaps just “artists”?) have created another series of stunning paintings, sculptures and installations (and rumor has it the entire show was sold out or at least on hold before the doors even opened). I took a few photos:

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While the show didn’t amaze me away as much as their last solo at Deitch Projects, this gallery was a much smaller space, and even the worst Os Gêmeos solo show (and I’m not at all saying this was their worst) would blow 99% of other solo shows out of the water. There was maybe one painting I didn’t like, and most of the time I just wanted to sit and stare at the art until the gallery closed.

More photos on my flickr and at Wildstylers.