The Answer by Hera

The Answer print
The Answer by Hera

I’m not sure I’ve given this a proper mention on Vandalog yet. For The Thousands, Campbarbossa and I teamed up to create a special edition of The Thousands coupled with a lithograph by Hera of her sketch The Answer. The print is an edition of 100 and is of course signed by Hera. The print and book combo is available on the Campbarbossa website for £100.

One of these prints is already sitting on my desk I’m going to send it to the framers as soon as I get back from my vacation (which starts tomorrow), it turned out really well. Because it is a lithograph, it really looks exactly like a slightly scaled down version of an original Hera sketch, which are some of the best sketches in the street art scene (in my humble and clearly very biased opinion).

Always one to look for a bargain when it comes to prints, I think we kept this priced pretty reasonably. The Thousands is available for £23 from Drago, so if you were already thinking about buying a book, the print essentially costs less than £80.

Be on the look out in the next week or two for some Christmas suggestions for books and dvds that aren’t by me, but this is probably the best item to add to your holiday gift lists 😉

Once again, the book and print combo is available from Campbarbossa for £100.