Jealous Gallery at The London Art Fair

The Jealous Gallery has a booth at the London Art Fair, which opens tomorrow (and closes on Sunday). I’m not sure about everything that will be at their booth, but two prints should be mentioned. First of all, Jealous were the folks who printed Hera’s lithograph of The Answer a few months ago for The Thousands, so there will be a few of those prints at Jealous’ booth. I think that they are selling the prints without my book, so the price will be a bit cheaper than usual.

They will also have a new print by Charming Baker called “What Beautiful Thing Life Turns Out To Be (Grey)”. Here’s what it looks like:

The print is an edition of 95.

Holiday gift guide: affordable prints

So maybe this is the first of a few posts with street art related gift ideas, maybe not. Here are some prints that are available online for a very low price (but they aren’t cheap. Right Zeus?).


1. Logopops by Sickboy. Last night was Sickboy’s one night only show, Logopops. Lots of hand finished prints are available online for as little as £35 (though you are meant to get a few of them to create a custom cluster of prints).

2. Storm Clouds by Jeff Soto. I must admit that I am becoming more and more of a Jeff Soto fan, especially the watercolor pieces. At just £75, it costs a lot less than I expected.


3. Sprout by Josh Keyes. I am very very wary of recommending this. Josh Keyes is an amazingly talented painter and I do like his work, but I’m not sure if you get the same feel for it through a giclee print. You kind of need to see the originals in person to see what sets him apart from all the other guys painting post-environmental-apocalypse art. Could be awesome though, and it’s a book and (very large editioned) print for $85 so that’s nice.

4. Tempo Boxer by Ace. A staple of the London scene (Blackall Street in particular), Ace does some nice work and a nice print from him goes for between £50-55.

5. Dalek Blue by Dalek/James Marshall. Dalek has two “Space Monkey” prints available on his site, both very nice, but I prefer the blue one.


6. Homeless, Not Hopeless by Above. I mentioned this print the other day, but it’s worth showing again because all the profits go to a good cause.

7. Better Than Nothing by Kid Acne. I suppose you either like his warrior women or you don’t. I do.


8. Make Room For The Emptiness by Jim Houser. This is the print that I want to buy with my grandma’s Christmas money. Love it. And at just $75, I can’t believe it hasn’t sold out yet.

9. Mama Quilla by Fefe Talavera. Another beautiful and affordable print from The BLDG.

The Answer print

10. The Answer by Hera. This lithograph by Hera looks great and comes with my book The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In. It’s £100 for the set, and since the book retails for about £25, that’s an affordable print if I ever saw one. The print is of a sketch by Hera, and she really knows how to sketch.

The Answer by Hera

The Answer print
The Answer by Hera

I’m not sure I’ve given this a proper mention on Vandalog yet. For The Thousands, Campbarbossa and I teamed up to create a special edition of The Thousands coupled with a lithograph by Hera of her sketch The Answer. The print is an edition of 100 and is of course signed by Hera. The print and book combo is available on the Campbarbossa website for £100.

One of these prints is already sitting on my desk I’m going to send it to the framers as soon as I get back from my vacation (which starts tomorrow), it turned out really well. Because it is a lithograph, it really looks exactly like a slightly scaled down version of an original Hera sketch, which are some of the best sketches in the street art scene (in my humble and clearly very biased opinion).

Always one to look for a bargain when it comes to prints, I think we kept this priced pretty reasonably. The Thousands is available for £23 from Drago, so if you were already thinking about buying a book, the print essentially costs less than £80.

Be on the look out in the next week or two for some Christmas suggestions for books and dvds that aren’t by me, but this is probably the best item to add to your holiday gift lists 😉

Once again, the book and print combo is available from Campbarbossa for £100.

Great In ’08: Mike Marcus Says…

As part of Vandalog’s “Great in ’08” series, which will be running every day for the rest of the month. Check out previous posts here. Street artists from across the world have been given one post to give away to one artist who they feel has been doing great work recently. Today it’s Mike Marcus‘ turn.

Who is one artist doing really great work right now?

Mike Marcus: Oh shit! Thats a tough question. I don’t think that I would be able to answer with just one name.

In Israel when I was asked that by journalists, I invariably mentioned Know Hope. I still think that he is doing beautiful, touching work. It really comes unfiltered right from his heart. It expresses his vulnerabilities, fears and passions although I do think that he has become a little less diverse as his commercial success increases. He’s a totally lovely person too.

When I was in NYC I was unexpectedly blown away by Revs. He is an artist that I never bothered really thinking about (probably because of his graffiti roots) but when you see his stuff in the context of the city you realise that he is making the rules that others follow. His work is monolithic yet personal, really exciting to stumble upon.

In London I really like what Paul le Chien is doing. I think that its early days for him and his work already shows fantastic promise. He doesn’t give a fuck (go on, publish the word fuck – you know you want to 🙂 ) about the stylistic conventions that street art seems to be developing. He mixes blatantly homoerotic subjects with well crafted tattoo-art inspired backgrounds. I think that over the next year or so he will start adapting his work to fit better with the street medium and spread out away from Soreditch into other parts of London. I would like to see him go big too.

Can I mention Hera too because she’s cute? 🙂

Revs. Photo by mercurialn
Revs. Photo by mercurialn

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