Three events in Miami that you don’t know about

There is so much going on next week in Miami, that some events are bound to be lost in the sea of parties and paintings. I’ve recently come across a few events lesser-known that have gotten me pretty interested.

1. ART BURN: The Most Combustible Art Show in the World

ART BURN, the most combustible art show in the world, will combine an international selection of original art with fire. Original works on canvas, wood and paper by a selection of more than three dozen international artists will be displayed and then flambeed in Miami on the evening of Thursday, December 3, 2009 at sunset. The exhibition/grilling, curated by NYC artist El Celso, will take place in the Wynwood Arts District, within walking distance of Miami’s lesser contemporary art fairs.

An exclusive selection of more than three dozen exceptional pieces by the hottest renowned artists and sizzling, cutting-edge newcomers will be displayed from 1pm until sundown. After the brief exhibition, all of these original works will be burned for the public’s viewing pleasure. Nothing is for sale.

Duration and opening hours
Thursday, December 3, 2009
One day only from 1pm to sunset.


For the latest updates on ART BURN Miami, visit

Artists include:

El Celso, Skewville, Darkcloud, Elbow-Toe, Royce Bannon, Gore-B, Matt Siren, Robots Will Kill, Michael DeFeo and many more…

2. Chimera at Scope

This line up looks great. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Stephan Doitschinoff aka Calma’s piece.


Here’s the full line up:

Pedro Barbeito, Melissa Brown, Stephan Doitschinoff (aka CALMA), Doze Green, Luis Macias, Christof Mascher, Fernando Mastrangelo, Dave McDermott, Ted O’Sullivan, Jeff Soto, Christoph Steinmeyer, Ouattara Watts, Andrzej Zielinski and Kevin Zucker.

And of course, it’s at SCOPE, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

3. Graffiti Gone Global


Juxtapoz has the info on this show:

Curated by James and Karla Murray, authors of best-selling titles Store Front-The Disappearing Face of New York, Miami Graffiti, Broken Windows and Burning New York, the exhibition will feature a selection of work from today’s top street artists. This groundbreaking exhibition, set to take place in a 4,000 square foot venue in the Midtown Arts District, will be the largest of its kind in Miami.

Exhibiting artists include: 131 Projects (Argentina), Aiko Nakagawa (Japan), Armogedon 2057 (Armenia), Billi Kid (Colombia), Crome (Miami), Cycle (NYC), David Cooper (NYC), Doze Green (NYC), Ewok One 5MH (NYC), Flip (Brazil), Ghost aka Cousin Frank (NYC), Jana Joana (Brazil), Lady Pink (Ecuador), Nina (Brazil), Shiro (Japan), Smael (Brazil), Sofia Maldonado (Puerto Rico), Suiko (Japan) and Vitché (Brazil).

Graffiti Gone Global Show Info:
3252 NE 1st Avenue
Suite 101
Miami, FL 33127

General Hours
Friday, December 4: 12 – 8pm
Saturday, December 5: 12 – 9pm
Sunday, December 6: 12 — 3pm