Preview: Murals in Miami

This year the art fairs in Miami are going to be complimented with two massive mural projects.

First, the classic: Primary Flight came out with their promo video yesterday. PF have been doing a mural project in Miami for a few years, and their line up is a grab bag of awesomeness with artists like Ron English, The London Police, Logan Hicks and Revok. Here’s the video:

Primary Flight 2009 Teaser from Primary Flight on Vimeo.

And then there is a the guy in town: The Wynwood Walls is a project by Jeffrey Deitch. The line up isn’t as expansive, but the names are all international superstars like Swoon, Barry McGee, Futura, and Os Gemeos.


There’s even a lot of overlap between the projects with artists like Shepard Fairey and Aiko painting for both groups.

Naturally, I’ll be there filming for Babelgum and taking photos for Vandalog.