Linking it up

Street art news seems to come in cycles, right now there is a lot of news coming in. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Sam3 has a new book out with Studiocromie and it looks great. More info at Feed Your Wall.
  • Shepard Fairey’s opening at the Warhol Museum looks amazing, but as Richard Lacayo points out, the AP case might have run into another snag for Fairey since the AP has countersued again on the basis that either Fairey only spent about 5 minutes “transforming” the photo into his poster or he is lying again and didn’t forget which image he based HOPE on. One thing Lacayo and the AP seem to have forgotten is that Fairey has a bunch of assistants. I don’t know how his studio functions, but it seems a fair assumption that Fairey sent his assistants a photo and they developed poster from there, or they gave him an already cropped photo based on his specifications and he went from there. It’s definitely not as simple as Lacayo is making it seem.
  • Elbow-toe still has a few prints left for sale on for only $30!
  • Anthony Lister has put up a beautiful new piece in Brooklyn.
  • Damon Ginandes has also been painting murals in New York.
  • This new video interview with Swoon is a must-see.
  • I missed this piece by Vhils inside the monastery at FAME Festival. It’s just too awesomely well-hidden.