The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In


Well it’s official. You can now buy my book, The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In, on Drago’s website.

I am ecstatic. This is a street art book with all the artists I’ve always wanted to see in a book together. Plus, it’s not just me writing standard bios for the artists (though there is a bit of that), a lot of the book was written by other contributors. Mike Snelle from Black Rat Press wrote the forward (did you know he is an amazing writer?), Panik ATG wrote about Burning Candy, Know Hope wrote about Chris Stain, Gaia wrote about Know Hope… the list goes on. Also, instead of just having photos of art on the street, many of the photos are of artwork that is now in people’s homes. That’s something I’ve always felt was lacking in street art books. In short, I think it’s a good book.

Until November, the only place you buy The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In is on Drago’s website, but eventually it will be in stores and, of course, available for purchase at The Thousands the exhibition from November 18th to the 22nd.

For a little peak into how this book came to be and the panic of finishing it by deadline, check out this post I did for Drago’s blog.