No buff squad for Banksy’s Ikea Punk

Banksy punk
Photo by romanywg

Just a few weeks ago, Banksy painted this piece in Croydon. Well turns out he painted that on council owned property. Of course, if the council just went and buffed the piece, you’ve got to think that people wouldn’t be happy. So the council asked for community feedback about the piece. Here’s what happened (from The Guardian):

Since inviting people to email in last Thursday, the council has received more than 100 emails, with 85% ruling that the graffito should stay.

Colin Hall, executive member for environment on Sutton council, said the piece had “caught the imagination”, and that the decision to retain or remove it should be a public one.

“We don’t tolerate graffiti in Sutton, and have a pair of dedicated teams who go out daily to remove it,” Hall said.

“But we’re well aware that many people see a difference between mindless tagging and work such as this.”

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