Questions for James Marshall aka Dalek

A couple of weeks ago I posted an interview with James Marshall on FADwebsite, but I thought it would be worth reposting part of it here because I know not everybody reading Vandalog also reads FAD where I post from time to time.

So here’s the first half of what you can find on FAD:

1 When did you start to make art?
as a kid I started drawing all the time …just sort of went from there…

2 How did you evolve into a professional artist?
by accident…just sort of reality it is still happening…its never really a finished process.

3 What drove you to make art as a professional vocation?
if I could make a living making art then that was better than making a living doing some other shit.

4 Explain your inspiration?
it varies from day to day….it just sort of exist in different different times…

5 In what way does your inspiration transform into ideas?
naturally I guess…i don’t really think about it… I just trust that it will happen

6 From Ideas to production of art – how? And why?
that’s a good question for someone else… I don’t really think about it…

7 Could your ideas be portrayed in any other medium? If so which?
sure I guess… Any number of things…architecture…sculpture…fabric…

8 Which artists would you most like to blatantly rip off?
none….what would be the point of that..

9 Why is your art made?
because I make it

10 What does being an artist mean to you?
nothing… It just is what it is… Why worry about what it means…

11 Are you happy with your reasons for making art? i.e Are there any trade offs that make life hard?
life is hard regardless…if it was easy then you aren’t trying very hard… I am happy with the path I am on….its moving in the right direction…i learn as I go…and that’s good enough…I feel solid that I am pursuing things in a manner that make sense to who I am …and that’s all I can ask for really..Read the rest at FAD