Very Nearly Almost issue 9

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest issue of Very Nearly Almost, and about two weeks ago I promised its editor, George, that I would mention it on Vandalog. So, here’s that long overdue mention.

VNA Cover

For those who don’t know, Very Nearly Almost is a London-based street art magazine. I’ve been reading VNA for I guess nearly a year now, and each issue is better than the last.

Issue 9 features all the usual VNA goodness (photos of every good piece of street art and some good graffiti to have popped up in London since the last issue went to print), plus some interviews and artist profiles, photos of other cities, and product reviews.


The interview with Ludo was probably the highlight for me, because I’v never known anything about the guy behind the “Nature’s Revenge” series. There are also interviews with Meggs and Jeff Soto and features on a few other great artists.

Very Nearly Almost

VNA has the love and devotion of a ‘zine behind it, without the low Kinko’s production values.

You can by VNA at some stores (such as Concrete Hermit in London) and online. If you live in London, this is a great documentation of street art from this spring, and if you live elsewhere, well London street art is awesome, and VNA proves it.