Very different street art

Here are two very original pieces of street art (if you can even call it that, I guess street intervention is more appropriate).

First up are Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung who have been making Toronto just a bit greener in their spare time.




Sure is a lot nicer than a wall of advertisements. More on their blog. (Via CitySPK)

And then there is this sign in New York:

Photo by Jordan Seiler
Photo by Jordan Seiler

Jordan over at Public Ad Campaign says this about the flyer:

I took one of the phone numbers and promptly called. An answering machine immediately picked up and said the following before the familiar beep telling me it had begun recording. How Bizarre.

“Free yourself from your burdens.
Record your confession or secret after the tone.
There is not limit on the number or the length of the messages,
And its completely anonymous.”