Just some links

Today I’m being a bit lazy and just sharing a few links, but I’ve just spent all day catching up on a backlog of emails and RSS feeds, so hopefully I can be excused. A full review of Vhil’s show at Lazarides gallery is coming tomorrow. Most of these things are a bit dated and just events that happened while I was away on vacation but were not covered by my wonderful guest posters.

  • There are three galleries I have yet to visit which I really need to make my way over to. The first is Gallery 118 for some new work by Inkfetish. His recent work outside of Cargo is really nice, and although his gallery work hasn’t blown me away quite yet, I’m confident he is improving. Next is “Metamorphosis,” a solo show by Ortiz at the Pure Evil Gallery. Although I have no idea who this Ortiz person is, I had a look in the window here on Tuesday after they were closed and thought the work looked very nice and worth checking out. And of course, opening tonight, something that has been mentioned on Vandalog recently, Urban Angel’s latest group show: The Show Must Go On. I would have been at the opening tonight, but with my wisdom teeth just removed yesterday I’ve been ordered to stay at home for a few days (I even had to miss last night’s Nine Inch Nails concert). Based on images from WallKandy’s flickr though, Best Ever is at their best and Pho is as well.
  • Everybody in NYC should go see the latest Os Gemeos mural for me. If you’re stuck in another city like myself though, here are some photos and video.
  • Steve Lazarides had a very nice interview/profile in The Times recently.
  • Normally I can’t stand this guy, but I’ve got to hand it to Cartrain for stealing some pencils from Damien Hirst’s “art” at The Tate Britain. Absolutely love it.
  • Just read through issue 2 of The New Order magazine, and if you’re in LA you should try to make it to their launch party at The Carmichael Gallery on the 18th. Otherwise, find the magazine in stores somewhere. I found it in Paris, but you can also buy it online.