All the usual Shepard Fairey updates

Time to talk Shepard Fairey. And that means two things.

First: The Boston Arrest. Fairey was arrested back in February at the Boston ICA during the opening of his show there. He was charged with a number of counts of vandalism. Most of those were eventually dropped. The most recent news is that Fairey has pled guilty to those remaining charges and in exchange agreed to not carry graffiti supplies in Boston for two years. I guess he won’t be doing any more work with Boston’s mayor on the side of City Hall during that time.

Via Arrested Motion

Second: Mannie Garcia, the photographer who took the photo that Fairey based his Obama poster off of, has made claims in court that he was not employed by the AP at the time he took that photograph and therefore own the copyright to it. Now, he’s made those claims official in court. The Art Law Blog, which has done an amazing job following this case, has more.