Zezao and Picasso Light Graffiti

Hey guys, it’s Elisa. I just wanted to share these beautiful images Zezao recently posted of his “light graffiti” in the sewers of Sao Paulo. Shot in a classic Zezao environment, these photos capture the ephemeral nature of the light and really illuminate the art on the walls. For me, the light feels almost like an extension of the painting, creating an interesting three-dimensional quality to the work.




Parallels can be drawn between Zezao’s work and the light graffiti of Picasso, as evidenced in these photographs shot by Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine in 1949. As with Zezao, elements of Picasso’s fine art can be perceived within the movements of the light.



Zezao is currently preparing for shows at Galerie LJ Beaubourg and Choque Cultural, both opening Saturday, July 4.