Linking it up

So it’s 11:40 and I’ve been too wrapped up in what’s to come with Vandalog and almost forgot to post today. I’ll make it up tomorrow, but here’s a few links that I’d like to share:

  • Meeting of Styles London has changed the dates on us at the last minute. The great sounding graffiti event at the Sclater Street car park will now be held on the 5th and 6th of June. Head down to see some real quality graffiti being created.
  • Barry McGee has released some really expensive t-shirts ($99). When an artists shirts are out of my price range, I don’t even want to think about originals. Still, McGee’s work is sick.
  • Stopped by the Pure Evil Gallery today only to hear about an opening this Thursday. “Je T’aime” is being done in conjunction with Gallery Nosco. It features a number of artists I’ve never heard of (French artits Dran, Bom.K, Remy Uno, Jaw and Heng), but Pure Evil showed me one piece this afternoon from the show which looks very nice.
  • The Revs article from yesterday got a great response and some recommended links including this video clip from the film Bomb It sent in by Frankie at Camp Barbossa and this photo from Depoe of a piece Revs actually sold publically. Thanks guys.
  • I think these prints are new from London wheatpaster ACE. Yeah, he’s obviously influenced by Bast, but I’d probably prefer this one from ACE at £55 than Bast’s latest at Pictures on Walls for £285. I just don’t like that particular image from Bast, plus, I’m living on a student’s salary. I’ll have to include these if I do another 9 prints under £90 post.

So that’s my slightly last minute summary of awesomeness in street art today.