Weekend link-o-rama

Paul Insect and Sweet Toof
Paul Insect and Sweet Toof (and Sope)

For me, school is back in session. Hopefully everyone else out there is still enjoying the tail end of the summer. Here’s some art to keep your weekend interesting:

  • Martha Cooper and I have announced our picks for the MOCAtv Upload More Art challenge. You uploaded your street art videos, and we selected our favorites. I used the opportunity to highlight videos of Enzo & Nio and A.CE. As you can probably guess when you watch me explain my picks, I made those picks during Illegal August, so those sorts of thoughts were on my mind. Martha Cooper also selected two videos to highlight.
  • Just because Colossal Media paints murals based on designs by people like KAWS and Faile doesn’t mean there should be any love for them. They paint advertisements. That is their business. If they paint some murals on the side, that doesn’t excuse billboards invading public space. Unless you think BP sponsoring art exhibits excuses oil spills and pollution…
  • Also what’s up with KAWS’ work being used for a mural (I hesitate to say he did a mural, since it appears all he did was license his imagery)? He’s spent the better part of this site’s existence distancing himself from street art and graffiti and his public art has consisted of sculptures and flyposted advertisements (if you consider that public art).
  • Maybe I’ll be able to ask KAWS about all this myself soon, since presumably he’ll be in Philadelphia for his show at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Arrested Motion has a bit of a preview, but I think the link really worth checking is PAFA’s website (and this archived version of the same page from mid-August) because of this section of the show description which has since been removed: “Placing KAWS’ sculptural works throughout PAFA’s historic galleries will further the ‘graffiti effect,'” and the edit of (emphasis added) “KAWS grew up in Jersey City, where he emerged as a graffiti artist in the early 1990s.” to “KAWS grew up in Jersey City, where he emerged as an artist in the early 1990s.” So that’s interesting.
  • I’ve never been a big fan of Elle’s work, but I do love this ad takeover.
  • And here are more ad takeovers, these from Jordan Seiler.
  • So many nice graffiti pieces on Ekosystem today.
  • I really like this new print from Shepard Fairey.
  • Pablo Delgado tiny pieces alway makes me smile.
  • Speak of small street art, here’s BSA’s take on the subject.
  • FAME Festival is no more, although ad hoc projects will continue to be organized in the town of Grottaglie, Italy by festival organizer Angelo Milano. It’s definitely sad news, but Angelo is always ahead of the times. Maybe this glut of street art festivals is just too much. Maybe it’s time for something different. Let’s hope Angelo figures it out. I can’t wait to see what he tries next.

Photo by Alex Ellison

Weekend link-o-rama

ASVP for The L.I.S.A. Project
ASVP for The L.I.S.A. Project

It’s that time again. Enjoy the rest of the interwebs…

Photo by Wayne Rada

Weekend link-o-rama

"Modern Tulipa" by Ludo
“Modern Tulipa” by Ludo

Bit of a shorter link-o-rama this week. I’ve been with my parents in Colorado, trying to get some work done on my upcoming book. The hope is that Viral Art will be released for free online in mid-June. There’s still a fair bit of work left to do though. Anyway, the links…

Photo by Ludo

A.CE at Maxwell Colette in Chicago


I’m excited to see that London’s A.CE is having a solo show at Maxwell Colette in Chicago this month. A.CE has been putting up posters in London since before I began looking at street art, and I’ve always enjoyed his work. There’s no denying that there are some similarities to Bast, but I compare him to Bast rather any number of other artists along those lines in part because we all know Bast is talented and I think A.CE is too.

Planet of the A.CE opens March 16th and runs through April 20th.

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Photos courtesy of A.CE

Holiday gift guide: affordable prints

So maybe this is the first of a few posts with street art related gift ideas, maybe not. Here are some prints that are available online for a very low price (but they aren’t cheap. Right Zeus?).


1. Logopops by Sickboy. Last night was Sickboy’s one night only show, Logopops. Lots of hand finished prints are available online for as little as £35 (though you are meant to get a few of them to create a custom cluster of prints).

2. Storm Clouds by Jeff Soto. I must admit that I am becoming more and more of a Jeff Soto fan, especially the watercolor pieces. At just £75, it costs a lot less than I expected.


3. Sprout by Josh Keyes. I am very very wary of recommending this. Josh Keyes is an amazingly talented painter and I do like his work, but I’m not sure if you get the same feel for it through a giclee print. You kind of need to see the originals in person to see what sets him apart from all the other guys painting post-environmental-apocalypse art. Could be awesome though, and it’s a book and (very large editioned) print for $85 so that’s nice.

4. Tempo Boxer by Ace. A staple of the London scene (Blackall Street in particular), Ace does some nice work and a nice print from him goes for between £50-55.

5. Dalek Blue by Dalek/James Marshall. Dalek has two “Space Monkey” prints available on his site, both very nice, but I prefer the blue one.


6. Homeless, Not Hopeless by Above. I mentioned this print the other day, but it’s worth showing again because all the profits go to a good cause.

7. Better Than Nothing by Kid Acne. I suppose you either like his warrior women or you don’t. I do.


8. Make Room For The Emptiness by Jim Houser. This is the print that I want to buy with my grandma’s Christmas money. Love it. And at just $75, I can’t believe it hasn’t sold out yet.

9. Mama Quilla by Fefe Talavera. Another beautiful and affordable print from The BLDG.

The Answer print

10. The Answer by Hera. This lithograph by Hera looks great and comes with my book The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In. It’s £100 for the set, and since the book retails for about £25, that’s an affordable print if I ever saw one. The print is of a sketch by Hera, and she really knows how to sketch.

Great print deals

I’ve found two deals on screen prints that have popped up recently.

Over at FUSShop.co.uk, they are giving away a free print by A.CE with orders over £50. My suggestion would be to get the Shepard Fairey issue of Arkitip Magazine for £59.99 because you get a print by Fairey and one by A.CE for not much at all when you think of how much a print might usually cost. More info here.



Or just just £60 you can take your pick of prints from artists like Sweet Toof, Kid Acne and Dscreet from the Seven Styles for Seven Brothers show at The Archipelago Works.

Kid Acne
Kid Acne
Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof

Linking it up

So it’s 11:40 and I’ve been too wrapped up in what’s to come with Vandalog and almost forgot to post today. I’ll make it up tomorrow, but here’s a few links that I’d like to share:

  • Meeting of Styles London has changed the dates on us at the last minute. The great sounding graffiti event at the Sclater Street car park will now be held on the 5th and 6th of June. Head down to see some real quality graffiti being created.
  • Barry McGee has released some really expensive t-shirts ($99). When an artists shirts are out of my price range, I don’t even want to think about originals. Still, McGee’s work is sick.
  • Stopped by the Pure Evil Gallery today only to hear about an opening this Thursday. “Je T’aime” is being done in conjunction with Gallery Nosco. It features a number of artists I’ve never heard of (French artits Dran, Bom.K, Remy Uno, Jaw and Heng), but Pure Evil showed me one piece this afternoon from the show which looks very nice.
  • The Revs article from yesterday got a great response and some recommended links including this video clip from the film Bomb It sent in by Frankie at Camp Barbossa and this photo from Depoe of a piece Revs actually sold publically. Thanks guys.
  • I think these prints are new from London wheatpaster ACE. Yeah, he’s obviously influenced by Bast, but I’d probably prefer this one from ACE at £55 than Bast’s latest at Pictures on Walls for £285. I just don’t like that particular image from Bast, plus, I’m living on a student’s salary. I’ll have to include these if I do another 9 prints under £90 post.

So that’s my slightly last minute summary of awesomeness in street art today.